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Over the many years we have been in business, we have built up a wealth of hardware designs and these may be used to kick start your project, reducing the time to market and project cost. We have hardware designs incorporating small microprocessors through to larger microprocessors, as embedded PCs, with many types of real world interfaces including RF communications, colour & mono displays, power supplies and other analogue sensor circuits. 

We have the ability to carry out almost any complexity electronic design project as we have expert engineers in many fields including:
Analog design, Communication design, DSP design, Embedded Microcontroller design, Embedded software design in C/C++, FPGA design. High speed digital design, Mechanical design, PCB layout & design, RF design, Windows software design.

We have firmware modules written in C/C++ running on several RTOS platforms including Linux. Standard firmware module stacks include TCPIP, USB Host & Device, Zigbee, SD Cards, FAT file systems etc. which also may help reduce time to market and project cost. Graphical user interfaces are common in many of our designs.

Our engineers are able to work on small projects on their own or large network type projects as a group.

Quality control is very important to 4D Electronics so that we can provide the utmost confidence for our clients. We peer review, under strict guidelines, at all stages of a project.

Many of our current projects are not able to be displayed but some of the older projects are available to view

For more information please contact  for further information or discussions about a particular project.